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Brooke moved to Nashville in January 2021. Things would come full circle when she also had the opportunity to play in those very same rounds.Learning about the writing atmosphere at rounds inspired her to write more music herself and evolve as an artist and get more involved with publishing.


"Anything I write is about something that's happened in my life or things about me that I can relate to," says Brooke Lee. "Someone once told me I was too young to have experiences to write about. I promised myself in that moment to be intentional, authentic, and genuine with everything I write and sing,"


In 2022, Brooke's goal was to get new music out and tour often. One of her lifetime goals was to play Coyote Joe’s, a regular popular spot in Charlotte she would attend as a fan growing up, and in January of 22' she made that happen. Opening for Cody Webb, she got to perform a bucket list venue in front of her hometown fans. 

Along with Cody Webb, Brooke has opened for names including Rodney Atkins, Cody Jinks, Tanner Usrey, Diamond Rio, exc. 

Lee opened 2023 big and announced the signing of her first publishing deal with Spirit. Her team plans to release new music this year. (Derek Wells- Producer, Kara Jackson- Manager) 

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