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About Brooke Lee

Born in Charlotte, and raised on Lake Norman, this North Carolina artist made a name for herself from the early age of fifteen, and by twenty years old was named "Best Female Country Vocalist in the Queen City,” and she continues to hold the title. 


Brooke Lee was born with music intertwined in her life. Her grandparents were pastors and introduced her first opportunity to perform through worship leading and singing in church. Later in life, Brooke would discover her strong passion for classic rock and country music and at just 15 years old, Brooke started her first band.


Influenced by classic rockstars like Joan Jett, Stevie Nicks, and Janis Joplin, Brooke found her voice matched their styles and strengths, with Dolly Parton and Miranda Lambert being later country music influences. 


Brooke would later move to Raleigh for worship leading and make the journey home to Charlotte every weekend to play shows. Her passion for playing in bands while growing her independence, and vocal skills were crucial in her growth as an artist while she patiently waited for the right time to make her move to Nashville at the age of 21.


Since moving to Nashville in 2021, Brooke has grown and evolved as a performer, songwriter, and artist honing her craft and finding her sound along the way. Nashville’s Broadway played a big role in her first few years cutting her teeth in honkytonks and playing self-booked gigs all over the country while writing songs in her free time. All of this would lead to her first publishing and artist development deal when she caught the attention of hit producer and guitar player Derek Wells and Spirit Music Publishing/2 Mix Music.


"Anything I write about is something I can relate to. I have always been intentional with my words and lyrics. We all have a story to tell and I want everyone to hear mine through my songs," says Brooke. 


Brooke’s signature powerhouse smokey vocal and free spirit attitude resonates with audiences of all styles and ages. Brooke Lee is currently touring around the country and working on her debut EP that will be released in fall of 2023.

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